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Me & Martech

It started with the very first role I got in the space of managing the customer lifecycle.

The technology was - A bunch of codes written on customer database to extract the relevant set of customers qualifying for an event - eg renewal dues, packaging the information, calling email service and shooting the emails. This use to be a black box. What happened post trigger was a near mystery.

The world had already started talking about Marketing Engine, Communication Engine. I did see new companies getting formed day in day out, solving for this missing gap of managing the customer lifecycle and providing a clear view on what happened with each of the trigger done.

It was a different battle all together to identify which is the right provider who can help solve the problem. Every vendor was working with Every company :) (As claimed!)

Few things which became a core to make a decision -

1. How simple is the platform to use

2. Does it have the required features

3. Authenticity of the product, company and the team who is making the pitch - One false claim and it was off radar

4. Can this relationship be a lasting one - being receptive and responsive to feedbacks, being together in all phases

5. Cost

Its close to a decade now, the ask is still the same. I am absolutely thrilled with the progress made in the Martech world. From where we were and where we are now, is definitely living in a dream. Every passing day we are able to solve even more complex problems, and I am really proud of this community. As we all role up the sleeves to be better than yesterday, its a shout out to all innovators, marketeers out there helping brands grow via Martech! Onwards & Upwards

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