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What Makes A Good Life!

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Saw a beautiful TED video today which talks about "What Makes A Good Life"

I highly recommend you all to go watch it. It talks about a longest study done on a set of people from different backgrounds on how are they feeling about life - year by year for 75 odd years.

While watching the video I could somehow, in the back of mind figure out that for sure happiness will never be related to position, money or anything material. And the study kind of showed what I have been trying to convince myself upon -

It said - "Good Relationships Keeps Us Healthier & Happier! Period"

None of the things we are everyday struggling for actually matters in the end. Everything will ultimately boil down to how many people really care about us and vice versa. In this fast paced world of horrific competition and chase for money & fame, seldom we miss out on for whom we are really doing this for, are being left behind.

We try to earn more money so that we can give a better life to the people we care about but then we miss out on the most basic thing - "Care". We become transactional, keep substituting things when what was actually required was -

Your presence! You listening to them! Your Care!

If we have got this wisdom which was done after an extensive research for so many years - We can give it a shot! We can understand & practice this.

Watch it here

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