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What's Common - Inner Engineering, 5 AM Club, Think Like A Monk, Life's Amazing Secret?

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Last few days while travelling to office I listened to various podcasts of Sadguru, Robin Sharma, Jay Shetty and Harvard Business Review. Having read a few books of them also, one striking point which i saw was - consciously and sub consciously listening. The overall reflection of these thoughts and learnings were amalgamation of both listenings. Hence a question - which is the better form of listening/learning? - Will dwell upon this later.

Few concepts/life practices which I could comprehend from all these books, these podcasts -

  1. Sleep Quota & Quality - What we need is some time at peace, not necessarily a sleep. If we are relaxed/at ease even while doing something, we are at peace. So find the ways to be peaceful which refreshes you (Not necessarily sleeping)

  2. Inwards & Outwards - There are things which you can control and you cannot. For eg - You see a fire in the bonfire, the image is formed 'IN' your eyes which then connects with your mind. You can control things which are happening 'IN' you. To get affected or not is how you condition these thoughts

  3. Ideas win or lose, not the person - In professional world you table your ideas and it might get executed/acknowledged or not. Detach yourself from the final verdict and keep working for the best

  4. Rs 24 X 60 X 60 - We start our day with this much amount of money (=time). If in a few instances we lose 10 or 20 or may be a few hundreds we should not further waste more money trying to recover the loss, instead invest the remaining in something more productive

Through these experience one dominant thought struck me - The way we have performance parameters and measurements for our professional life, we should have the same for personal life.

Create it for yourself

What's the Mission of your life?

What's the Vision of your life?

What will be your life's KRAs?

Your feedback and measurement mechanisms are already in place, around you.

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