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Health - Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Financial

Was watching a podcast of Naval Ravikant where he mentioned - You have two lives, the second one starts when you realise you only have one!

This turned things upside down! It got me thinking, big time, and I started seeing everything with a different lens now. Sadhguru too mentioned - the very first thing you should be grateful about in the morning, is that you are ALIVE! And there are many more examples, quotes which I read, but now with this perspective it all started making more sense.

Only thing we have some control of is, this Moment. Not a single thing beyond this. What we can do, is to make the best use of this, this exact moment.

Every moment we make a decision! Its important that we make the best ones, which makes us better than yesterday, healthier than yesterday!

Few learnings on ensuring good health -

1. Mental

  • Understand what is in your control, and act on it! There is nothing you can do beyond - you don’t have control on outcomes, future, the very next moment

  • If something is bothering you now, take a step back and think will this thing matter 5 days from today. Most of the times answer will be ‘No’, so you can get over it

  • Read a lot - Its not necessary that you keep identifying a new book every now and then, read over the best books you have again and again, every time the learnings will be different because you are different

  • Write! - This is the best thing I started a decade ago. You will find answers to most of the questions while you are writing

  • Live in the moment!

2. Physical

  • Diet - Eat everything and track everything. Identify the calorie intake you need to have, and be in that range. Counting becomes easier once you have done it may be for a week, you start understanding directly from the portion sizes. many apps are available for free which can help you identify your BMR, TEE, Food Calories

  • Reduce frictions that stops you or complicates you to even start working out. E.g. - what clothes to wear, unable to wake up in the morning, its expensive etc There is a solution to everything and you know it the best, solve for it, simplify

  • Discipline & Consistency - Read it in Robin Sharma’s Novel - Dedication and Discipline beast Brilliance and Giftedness everyday of the week. Half the battle is won just by Showing Up! Not necessary you have to be at your 100% everyday, we are all humans, what’s important is Show Up. If there is deviation, get back on track but never stop

3. Spiritual

  • We are a very small particle in this whole wide universe, let go of ego..

  • No bigger cause than service, give back to society whatever you can

  • Self awareness is a path which will help us navigate through these journeys

4. Financial

  • Save before expense

  • Have the right set of people in your network, read to understand n number of financial instruments available in the world. Chose the one that best suits you

  • Start small, but start

  • Reward Mechanism - Helps you in multiple fronts - While thinking of buying something expensive for you, set up a target like if I work out I will add in 1000 bucks each time in my kitty. Buy once you enough in your kitty, this has worked wonders for me. I have lost a few pounds and got some really cool gadgets as well :)

Hope some of it rings a bell and you can pick up too! Do share your learnings as well, miles to go before we sleep :)

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